3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Brand

Lately, as you may have noticed, the social media world has transformed into a platform of simply sharing viral content – like that video you watched this morning that your old friend from high school posted. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good cat video (if someone tells you they don’t then they’re lying), but there is no progressive value in it. You’ll get a good laugh, but then you’ll immediately regret watching it.

A rising problem today on social sharing sites is that there is almost TOO much useless content. There is also TOO much belief in that content.  There was a commercial a long time ago that stated, “Where did you hear that, on the internet?” Not everything you read on the internet is true and more importantly, not everything needs to be re-shared.

For the sake of the debate, go look through you’re Facebook after this and count how many useless posts there are and people you unfollow. Even people who were cool with prior to now and people who you thought posted great content are begging to be demoted to an unfollowed state.

If you want a good cat video, go to YouTube. If you want the truth on the news, go to a credible news source and do the necessary research. If you want to share pictures, use Instagram first. If you want to express your personal views or thoughts on a subject, create a blog and debate things more thoughtfully. There are far more ways to learn and entertain you than on Facebook (As a side note, Facebook is an absolutely incredible platform, and one of my favorites, but mainly when it is used for storytelling and life moments).

Knowing the do’s and don’ts of social media are a necessity in this day of age, especially if you want people to remember you or if you create value in your personal brand. There are plenty of different things that you can do, and plenty of different books you can read to better understand it. However, I’m going to break down three simple ways I’ve reconstructed by brand image and social presence. The great thing about these 3 things is that you can do them TODAY.

Here are the three quick tips I have for you today:

1. Image & Consistency – when people go to my profile, regardless of the platform, they know who I am. All of my profile images are similar and all of my “about me” sections are consistent. I don’t want people going to my other profiles to find out more about me and in return get confused. The value that I bring to the table is me. There is no fabrication in it; It is simply me. I also only post quality content that I feel adds value to my brand and that truly means something to me. You will not catch me sharing a viral video or post unless it truly adds value to my brand and what I stand for. In order to add value to my brand, I must remain in a constructive-attitude, piecing together content that matters to me and to my followers.  My image is important and should remain at top priority during my daily interactions. If you have image inconsistencies, clean it up. It will take less than an hour to rebuild your presence.

2. Blogs & Websites – to those of you who have ready my blog, I thank you. Having a place to voice my thoughts and opinions over the past few years has been extremely beneficial to my brand and my image. It gives me a place to extract thoughts and ideas onto a place where people can read it and thoughtfully engage with me over topics. I have learned an incredible amount by simply sharing my thoughts on my personal blog. Having a personal website is also a huge factor in my success to date. Having a personal website has truly added an extreme amount of value to my brand. www.CoreyGeary.com has moved my life in directions I had no idea it was going. It presents me in a way that people see as professional, influential, and credible. I believe that everyone should have a personal website, no matter what they are doing in life and no matter how much is exactly on that site. Buying a domain is easy and surprisingly enough, designing your website is just as also easy. You need no developer skills to buy and design your image on a website. Try www.GoDaddy.com to find and build a domain. And as a side note, when you see that it costs roughly $10, think of it as an investment. $10 could potentially help you earn a $1,000,000 brand.Check back with me in 5 years to see the results.

3. Unfollow & Unsubscribe – After using Facebook, Twitter, and my email for the past 7-8 years I have gained an enormous web of networks between friends, family, and worker relationships. This was great until I realized that some of the notifications and emails I was getting were useless to who I wanted to be. The simple thing would be to delete them from my friends, right? Wrong. Do not delete anyone because those connections could be valuable in the future. Instead, unfollow them. On Facebook and Twitter, every time I see invaluable content, I unfollow them. If someone is moved enough to post a cat video on Facebook today, most likely they’ll do it tomorrow. That does absolutely nothing to my brand and helps me gain zero knowledge in the direction I want. The same goes for email. My email was once filled with companies that I subscribed too and things I was involved with to the point where I barely used my email. Now, after I have unsubscribed, my email acts as my professional agent for communicating with top people. Go through and unfollow and unsubscribe so that when you log on to any platform, you gain value.